SUPER LUBE Lubricants - 40 years of history

SUPER LUBE Lubricants - 40 years of history

For more than 40 years SUPER LUBE products have been produced by Synco Chemical Corporation from the United States.  The SUPER LUBE brand offers a unique range of premium quality greases, oils and specialty products that provide excellent performance in a very broad range of applications.

The company pioneered with the development of synthetic fiber optic cable filling compounds which were supplied to all major telecommunication companies around the world. Along the way a line of premium synthetic lubricants called SUPER LUBE was developed.

The main advantages of SUPER LUBE  products are:

-          Transparent products for clean application

-          Very broad temperature operating range (-43°C up to 260°C)

-          NSF H1 approved for use in food and pharmaceutical industry

-          Free of hazardous ingredients and environmentally friendly

-          Many different types of packaging available from small sachets to drums

Bondis bv has been a partner of Synco Chemical Corporation for more than 30 years importing and distributing the SUPER LUBE products throughout Europe from our centrally located warehouse in Belgium.