List of products by brand Super Lube

TRI-FLOW is a high performance industrial lubricant that combines PTFE with complex carriers to form a highly durable film that virtually eliminates wear and tear on moving parts.

Tri-Flow is a unique multi-functional lubricant, specially developed to keep machines and equipment in better condition than traditional creep and lubrication oils. It is suitable for both industrial applications and general use.

Due to its composition Tri-Flow actively penetrates into the smallest openings where it forms a durable and protective lubricating film. The microscopic PTFE particles adhere to the surface and settle in pores, greatly reducing friction and wear. The special additives expel moisture and protect against freezing, rust and corrosion. Due to its powerful formula, Tri-Flow dissolves rust quickly, removes dirt and keeps lubricated surfaces clean. Thanks to all these properties, Tri-Flow always ensures optimal operation and protection, even for the most demanding applications.

Contains :

- Petroleum oils of high quality

- Micronized PTFE

- Corrosion inhibitors

- Moisture removers

- Penetration Promoters

- Special solvents to soften and remove dirt and corrosion

Active filters